Absolute Serenity on the Island of Gavnos !

A peaceful and relaxing stay on the Island of Gavdos

Today I invited another Catherine to my blog. She’s a travel specialist and works for the site named Prestige Voyages. She chooses to let us explore the island of Gavdos, which, as you will see, is a haven of peace in Greece.

It is, indeed, a wild island with very few tourists, which is full of sights and breathtaking scenery. The island of Gavdos is the perfect destination for those seeking a peaceful place !

Gavdos 1

Gavdos Island – Photo credit: Anders Mohlin / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

A few words on Gavdos

Set in the Libyan Sea, 40 km from Crete, this small Greek island of 30 km in length, is really an island out of time,  and is, without doubt, one of the most pristine and untouched islands in the world.

Away from the clichés of mass tourism, this island is an exceptional place for a holiday combining total rest and escape. This semi-mountainous island with great beaches, beautiful sand dunes, turquoise waters, subtropical climate and abundant vegetation will be the delight of nature and sun lovers.

Gavdos 4

Gavdos Island – Photo credit: limitsios / Foter / CC BY

If your dream is to sleep under the stars on the beach, remember that the beaches on Gavdos island are among the most beautiful in Greece (Beaches of Korfos, Sarakiniko, Agios Ioannis, Potamos Lavraka and Tripiti).

So live your wildest dream and enjoy the beach … take the perfect opportunity to observe the sky.

The island is also known for its hippie spirit and its warm and very friendly inhabitants, even if very few, only about fifty people during the year, generate an incomparable atmosphere. You will also frequently come across travelers or locals living in shacks on the edge of the water, communing with Mother Nature.

Gavdos 5

Gavdos Island – Photo credit: limitsios / Foter / CC BY

Once there, you will find only limited tourist facilities, a little hotel and restaurant, Mini Market, but no bank.

Still, some rooms are for rent in the port of Karave, at Sarakiniko, at Kastri and on the beach of Korfos, where one tavern offers some rooms …

A lighthouse was recently rebuilt on the highest point of the island, a must for those wishing to enjoy a breathtaking view of Gavdos.

Also, do not miss Tripiti, the most southerly point of Europe. Tripiti presents not only a beautiful combination of arcades rising from the sea, but also a giant wooden chair, from which to take in the unique view, a beautiful experience, which no doubt you will enjoy.

Gavdos 6

Gavdos Island – Tripiti – Photo credit: limitsios / Foter / CC BY

Clearly, there is not much to do or see in Gavdos, but that’s the goal … here we must learn to do nothing and enjoy nature in its raw state, which is available to you … In short, disconnection is guaranteed!

If you go to Crete, why not make an special detour on the island of Gavdos?

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