Zeus+Dione exclusively at “Le Bon Marché” in Paris !

Save the date my dear followers!

Zeus + Dione … this beautiful Greek brand that I love … will be presented from 24 March to 30 April 2015, exclusively in Paris at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, the Parisian Store well-known to be always at the forefront of fashion and trends.

Z+D 2

Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015

As you know, I particularly appreciate the spirit of the Zeus+Dione brand, founded by Mareva Grabowski and Dimitra Kolotoura.

Indeed, this brand offers original designs with hand-made, high quality products and also chooses to work with Greek artisans and artists, enhancing their traditional know-how by bringing a creative and contemporary note.


Zeus+Dione – Mareva Grabowski and Dimitra Kolotoura @Huffingtonpost.gr

The collections presented at the Bon Marché will allow you to see beautiful creations :

  • The fine textures of linen, cotton and silk from Soufli (a town in Northeastern Greece, historically famous for its silk production) are embellished with metallic threads of gold and silver.
  • Exclusively hand-woven striped cotton fabrics come from Crete and from Metsovo (a town in Northwestern Greece).
  • Hand crocheted items are produced by local women in Attica and other parts of Greece.
  • Embroideries based on traditional patterns are stitched by artisans on the island of Crete.
Z+D 4

Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015

For the Spring-Summer 2015 collection : Paneled prints are introduced for the first time ! It derives from a board game they used to have in Knossos during the New Palace period (-1500 BC).


Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015

The color palette of the SS2015 collection ranges from bright off-white to black, including shades of crocus yellow, sea blue and sage.

Z+D 3

Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015


Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015


Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015

CF001605ZEUS & DION 2015 2-006461

Zeus+Dione – Spring-Summer 2015

Resort collection for 2015,

The color palette, dominated by the black and white contrast, with decorative gold plated foils woven in silk, is brightened by stripes of color, which punctuate each garment and give it a yachting or an after-beach chic style.

Zeus and Dione 2015 4

Zeus+Dione – Resort 2015

All these pieces are harmoniously structured through a perfect balance between geometry, materials and colours.

Zeus and Dione 15

Zeus+Dione – Resort 2015

Zeus and Dione 2015 5

Zeus+Dione – Resort 2015

Zeus and Dione 2015

Zeus+Dione – Resort 2015

Zeus and Dione resort 2015 6

Zeus+Dione – Resort 2015

To discover Dione + Zeus, I suggest you go directly to the first floor of Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Womenswear department.


Le Bon Marché, Paris Rive Gauche

For more information :

Website and E-shop : Zeus+Dione
My previous articles : Zeus+Dione : the sequel ! and Zeus+Dione…Chic and Greek !

If you are in Paris, do not hesitate to have a look 😉

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