Glam and Chic in Pyjamas !

Indoors or outdoors, pyjamas are an essential element of your wardrobe. Personally, I love this trend, this masculine-feminine style, full of elegance, glamour and humour …

For a pyjama party or a cocooning Sunday, it is, of course, the centerpiece but worn outside, it also impresses.

So, it’s a fact, elegance and comfort are not incompatible … far from it !

Pyjama Natalia Vodanova Vogue

Natalia Vodanova – Vogue

For a pyjama party 😉

Pyjama party

Pyjama Party – Pinterest

Pyjama Raphaelle Riboud 3

Raphaelle Riboud – Collection 2015

Pyjama Raphaella Riboud

Raphaella Riboud- Collection 2015

Pyjama Victoria secret

Victoria Secret

Pyjama rayé rose et blanc











Glamorous and sexy pyjamas ❤ 

Pyjama agent provocateur

Agent Provocateur

Pyjama soie Christine Vancouver

Silk Pyjamas – Christine Vancouver

To relax at home on Sunday, with a good book, a cup of tea or hot chocolate …

Pyjama du dimanche


Pyjama du dimanche 2











Pyjama Michelle Dockery Harpers Bazaar UK

Michelle Dockery – Harpers Bazaar UK

But designers have also been inspired to create pyjamas to be worn outside, as casual dress, masculine / feminine in style or to go out … the accessories will make the difference.

Pyjama Paul Smith 2015

Paul Smith – 2015

Pyjama Paul Smith Blanc

Paul Smith – 2015

Pyjama Prune


Pyjama Uma Wang Spring 2015

Uma Wang – Spring 2015

Pyjama Sonia Rykiel SS15

Sonia Rykiel- Spring 2015

And what about you, does the pyjama trend tempt you ?! 😉

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