Trend “Parisian Bistrot” in Athens !

Whether you are visiting Athens or you live there, if you ever had an irresistible envy to eat traditional French cuisine, I got you two “French Bistro” addresses to test absolutely !

Although I love Greek food, I admit that sometimes I need my “Proust’s Madeleine” … which means for me, finding known flavors from small sample typical French dishes and of course, take the opportunity to show our regional cuisine to our Greek friends.

Bistro image

  • “Bistrot le Mignon”, 39b Charitos Street, Kolonaki, Athens
Bistrot le Mignon 4

Bistrot le Mignon – 39b Charitos Street, Kolonaki- Athens

At the heart of Kolonaki, you will be welcomed in an atmosphere “very Montmartre” by a small group of musicians with only French music (inside as well) …

Bistrot le Mignion

Bistrot le Mignon – Musicians “Les Enfants de Pigalle” – Athens

Inside, it is a nice decor that will put you in a very Parisian atmosphere and a bit vintage, with red sofas, tables and bistro chairs, subway stations names, and old books.


Bistrot Le Mignon – Athens- Photo@CarnetdeDameCatherine



Cuisine, dishes of the day (I took a delicious beef bourguignon) and “à la carte”, steak tartare (an exception because raw meat is rarely offered in Athens), toasted sandwiches, cream of pumpkin soup, “foie gras”, crème brûlee with raspberry and chocolate mousse.

Bistrot tartare

Bistrot le Mignon- Tartare de boeuf – Athens

  •  “Chez Violette”, 69 Kallidromiou street, quartier Exarchia, Athens
Chez Violette

Chez Violette – 69 Kallidromiou street, Exarchia – Athens

Located in an old elementary school, this restaurant has a beautiful outdoor terrace opened in summer and located in the school playground …

Chez Violette 2

Chez Violette- Athens

… The spirit of the place is kept in the decoration with blackboards where are written French proverbs, old photos of the Eiffel Tower, red oilcloth with white dots … all, in a friendly family atmosphere.


Chez Violette – Athens- Photo@CarnetdeDameCatherine


Chez Violette – Athens – Photo@CarnetdeDameCatherine

In the kitchen, traditional French cuisine adapted to the seasons. Right now, onion soup, raclette, duck parmentier, veal stew are offered …

Chez Violette Plats

Chez Violette – Athens

If you ever get hungry in Athens, you know where to go now ! 🙂


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2 responses to “Trend “Parisian Bistrot” in Athens !

  1. Oh le deuxième bistrot est tellement mignon 🙂

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