Chic and Cozy Pull-over !

In winter, how to combine, style, comfort and need of warm ?

Unless going to the Maldives, I see only one solution : choose a beautiful pull-over 🙂

Black sweater


But what look adopt to stay chic in pull-over?

In my opinion, only one imperative is to mix materials : wool and silk, wool and leather, wool and tweed, wool and lace,…

Once this adage accepted, you can either opt for a single color …

  • Total beige or white look
Pull Delpozo


Acne sweater



Christophe Lemaire

Helmut Lang sweater

Helmut Lang

  • Rock’and Roll : shades of gray wool, silk and leather
Gray sweater


  • Feminine and romantic grey : flowers and ruffles and long leather gloves
Sonia Rykiel sweater

Sonia Rykiel

  • With night blue, ruffled in wool and silk …
Philip Lim sweater

Philip Lim

… Or, for a look in two colors,

  • mixed with a matt and gloss,
Dries Van Noten sweater

Dries Van Noten

  • with a print that will “wake up” your cocooning knit pull-over 🙂
Dion Lee, Ready to wear, Fall Winter 2014, New York

Dion Lee

Salvatore Ferragamo sweater

Salvatore Ferragamo

  • And, for a very contemporary look, do not hesitate to opt for the “mix” of scratches. Personally, I love this look !
Next Generation Pull

Next Generation

I hope that with this selection, you will feel a little warmer 😉

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