Avissinia Café in Athens : So Vintage !

Today, I would like to present you a place that has remained very authentic, even it is yet in many tourist guides : L’Avissinia Café !

avissinia vitre

Avissinia Café – Athens

Why I flashed on this place ?

I love its location. It is both in the heart of Monastiraki flea market but also a little hidden by all the antiques shops (which you’ll see all deployed on Sunday morning).

cafe-avissinia place

Avissinia Café – Flea Market

This is a great traditional Greek cuisine restaurant. I must say that the dishes we have tasted today were delicious and very well presented. There is also an extensive wine list, which come from various regions of Greece.

Avissinia Dakos

Avissinia Café – Dakos – Photo@Eat-Everywhere.com

I had the chance to meet the owner, Kitty Koufonikola

She is very friendly and in addition, she shares the recipes offered in her restaurant in a nice book translated into English.


Avissinia Café – Ketty Koufonikola – Photos@CarnetdeDameCatherine

Another feature is the interior decoration really out of the ordinary !

We are immediately transported into another time and the atmosphere is very warm.

The decor is in perfect harmony with its environment, with antique furniture and multiple tables, which appear in the neighboring antique flea markets or transmitted over the years.


Avissinia Café – Athens – Photos@CarnetdeDameCatherine

All decorated with beautiful flowers giving a touch vintage and liberty at this place, which was before a tea room.


Avissinia Café – Athens – Photos@CarnetdeDameCatherine

The musical atmosphere

Surprisingly, to enhance our lunch, there was Cuban music. To put you in the mood, I propose you to listen “Veinte Anos”, song from the “Buena Vista Social Club” album :


Avissinia Café – Athens – Photos@CarnetdeDameCatherine

During our Sunday lunch, the atmosphere was so smooth and quiet enough (which I enjoyed) but at night, it can be much more lively, with large tables and Greek musicians live.

Avissinia Soir

Avissinia Café – Photo@Eat-Everywhere.com

The View

Avissinia Café has also a beautiful room upstairs and a terrace with a beautiful view of the Acropolis.

  • For more information, you can check their website : Avissinia Café
  • Adress : 7 Kinetou street, Avissinia square
  • Phone number : (+30) 210 32 17 047


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9 responses to “Avissinia Café in Athens : So Vintage !

  1. Joëlle Portello

    Super catherine ! on a un peu l’impression d’y être ! et bravo pour les photos et les petits commentaires, the girl from Gers.

  2. C’est génial ! Et le plus étrange, c’est que ça ressemble vraiment aux Puces de Clignancourt, tant dans les petites cours et impasses des brocanteurs que dans le restaurant où il y a plein d’objets chinés, des musiciens, des chanteurs et surtout une ambiance unique !

  3. Laurent

    Même les toilettes, joliment décorées, valent le détour.

  4. saflix

    Bravo Catherine pour ce splendide article. Tu as le chic pour mettre en lumière tes decouvertes !

  5. Catherine Bosc

    Merci pour ces merveilles ! Je vis à Nice France mais mon cœur est à Athènes. 💙. CathyB.

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