Chic and Greek : Zeus + Dione !

The more we discover Greece, the more we realize the number of its treasures … sometimes a little hidden !

Here is one that I gladly share with you, and that should not remain confidential very long : Zeus+Dione, a young Greek designer clothes and accessories inspired by the names of both parents of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty .

Zeus+Dione 1

Zeus+Dione – Crédits photos@yiorgos kordakis

For me, this brand combines great refinement and simplicity, traditional skills, creativity and design.

The two owners of Zeus+Dione, Mareva Grabowski and Dimitra Kolotoura, two women on business-graduates, decided during the crisis that it was not acceptable for them to see the Greek handcraft collapsing.

Therefore, they created their own brand “Zeus+Dione” to provide high-quality products to back up their expertise while providing a modern twist, and with the aim to be known not only in Greece, but also internationally.

Zeus + Dione Mareva-Grabowski-Dimitra-Kolotoura-Zeus-and-Dione-greek-fashion-brand-500x327

Mareva Grabowski – Dimitra Kolotoura – Zeus+Dione

Although fashion has always been their passion, they had to find a designer who fits their mood. This designer is  Lydia Vousvouni, also Greek, formerly in London for Chloé, who agreed to join them in their project.

I let you discover, in pictures, their creations, which I find beautiful and, of course, only made with refined materials.


Zeus+Dione 2

Zeus+Dione – Crédits photos@yiorgos kordakis

Zeus+Dione 4

Zeus+Dione – Crédits photos@yiorgos kordakis

Zeus+Dione Sandals

Zeus+Dione – Crédits photos@yiorgos kordakis

I am also a fan of their collection of swimwear … and we must admit that on the Greek landscape background, it is a dream …

Zeus+Dione maillot

Zeus+Dione – Crédits photos@yiorgos kordakis

Zeus+Dione 1pièce

Zeus+Dione – Crédits photos@yiorgos kordakis

 For more information :

– You can check their website and e-shop Zeus+Dione

– In Greece, you could find Zeus + Dione outlets in Athens, but also on the most beautiful Greek Islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Antiparos, Paros, Skiathos, Corfu, Spetses, Patmos, Crete).

– Internationally, Zeus+Dione is also broadcast in California, Milan, Istanbul, Berlin, Riyadh and London.

Do you like it ? Feel free to give me your opinion 😉


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4 responses to “Chic and Greek : Zeus + Dione !

  1. Oui il y a de jolies choses très sobres et chics

  2. Isabelle

    Salut Catherine ! Oser cette simplicité et réussir tout de même à se distinguer, eh bien bravo !

  3. C’est sobre et chic, le style intemporel que j’adore ! Une belle découverte que je te remercie de partager !

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