It’s Brunch Time in Athens !

Satisfy this desire was not so simple before 2013 but since then, the “brunch” has taken its place and is now increasingly in vogue in Athens.


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Whether you live in Athens, or you will be visiting, an overview of the best places “brunch” is a must !

Brunch muffin fruits

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Here are some places that I gladly share with you :

  • It Restaurant
  • Mama Roux
  • New Hotel
  • Nixon Bar
  • Hip Coffee

It Restaurant

Located in Kolonaki, I already told you in a previous post

It is true that I particularly love this place!

Brunch is held on Sundays at noon, except in summer, because all Athenians are at the beach 🙂

Originality : live jazz music during brunch.

Specialties : A special “brunch” menu is planned, where you will find poached eggs with spinach and lentils, rocket omelettes/feta and mushrooms/tomato/brie, scrambled eggs with tomatoes or smoked salmon, croque- madame, cheese-pie, pizza pear/gorgonzola salad and burger. All products are organic.

Price : around 20 euros, but of course it depends on what you choose on the menu.

For more information It restaurant

Address : Skoufa 29, Kolonaki, 10673 Athens – Reservations : + 30 2103635773

Brunch It 4

It Restaurant – Athens


It Restaurant – Athens – Photo@carnetdedamecatherine


It Restaurant – Athens – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Brunch It 3

It Brunch – Athens

Mama Roux

This dinner is known for its cuisine of multiple influences (Mediterranean, Mexican, Asian) orchestrated by the sympathetic Sandra (who also speaks French), but you should know that Mama Roux also offers brunch on Sunday from 12 am to 18:00.

Located in a “connected” Athens, its style is more “alternative”.

Its specialties are bagels, pancakes with maple syrup, burgers (Chicken, Italian, Thai) and toasts (Monsieur, Madam and Mama Mia) and the benedict and florentine eggs. And I must admit that I particularly loved the New York cheese cake 🙂

The price is very correct : between 12 and 16 euros and very friendly service.

Address : 48 Aiolou Street, near Kolokotroni, Athens – Reservations : +30 2130048382

Brunch mama-roux1

Mama Roux – Athens


Brunch Mama Roux – Athens – Photo@carnetdedamecatherine

New Hotel

Another very interesting place to have brunch on Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00, the New taste the stylish bar-restaurant of New Hotel in the heart of Athens.

What’s its main advantage :

  • a beautiful terrace height (7th floor) overlooking Athens and the Acropolis,
  • its interior decoration particularly neat and original, directed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, two Brazilian designers and brothers, known for their eco-sensitive approach and the use of contemporary craft,
  • his meticulous service.

His specialties : omelettes and eggs Benedict, bread and homemade croissants, quiches and smoothies.

Price is higher: 25 to 30 euros per person.

For more information : New Hotel

Address : Filellinon Street 16, 105 57 Athens. Reservations : +30 2103273000

Brunch Art-Lounge_New-Hotel179237studiopaterakis.com_-912x628-551x295

New Hotel – Athens

Brunch new-hotel_restaurant_0034-972x628-551x295

New Hotel – Athens

Brunch mini burger


Nixon Bar-Restaurant

The Nixon Bar- Restaurant also offers a Sunday brunch with an extensive menu, which specializes in burgers, omelets and pancakes with maple syrup.

Its originality is that the Nixon Bar is a lounge bar at night and that there is also a cinema.

The price is between 20 and 25 euros.

Address : Agisilaou 61 street, (near The Megaron), Keramikos, Athens – Reservations : +30 2103462077

Brunch - Nixon Bar 1

Nixon Bar – Restaurant – Athens

Brunch Nixon Bar 2

Nixon Bar-Restaurant – Athens

Brunch pancake


Hip Café

Another place not to be missed is the Hip Café, for “hipsters” in Athens and elsewhere …

Very centrally located, closed to Syntagma Square, the decor is clean and inviting, and there is a nice little outdoor terrace.

Its special feature : it offers a brunch menu every day, from 10:00.

His specialties : salmon eggs Benedict, pancakes, vegetarian omelets (zucchini, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes) or omelettes with ham and Greek yoghurt with seasonal fresh fruit.

The price is very affordable : the pancake menu is 10 euros, the Greek yogurt menu at 11 euros, the omelette menu at 12 euros and the salmon eggs Benedict menu : 16 euros. All menus are served with orange juice, coffee and slice of cake.

Address : Mitropoleos 26 Street, Sintagma – Reservations : +30.2130154698


Hip Café – Athens – Photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Hip Café – Athens – Photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Brunch Hip_Cafe_Restaurant_Athens_Breakfast_Brunch_Dinner_10

Hip Café – Athens

Brunch eggs benedict

Benedict eggs and salmon

My list is certainly not exhaustive but your address book is already full, right ?


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15 responses to “It’s Brunch Time in Athens !

  1. Je garde précieusement ces adresses même si cet été je ne passe pas par Athènes mais par Heraklion

    • Je ne suis jamais allée en Crète, donc je n’ai pas de bonnes adresses à te donner. Mais toutes les personnes que je connais, qui y sont allées, ont beaucoup aimé…Très bonnes vacances à toi et merci pour ton commentaire très sympa 🙂

  2. Les carnets d'Amandine

    Et voilà, maintenant j’ai encore plus envie d’allé faire un tour à Athènes. Bon pour 2014 ça va être juste, mais 2015 peut-^tre. En tout cas je garde toutes ces bonnes adresses en mémoire, au cas où. Merci pour toutes ces bonnes adresses 🙂

    • Au cas où, il te reste encore septembre 😉 en tous cas merci pour ton commentaire très sympa et que ce soit en 2014 ou 2015, je te confirme qu’Athènes est une ville agréable à découvrir, mais il vaut mieux effectivement avoir quelques adresses en poche 🙂

  3. Tiens c’est bizarre, je ne me souviens pas d’Athènes sous ce jour-là … 🙂

    • Hello Polina ! Alors, il faudra que tu reviennes à Athènes 🙂 …Cela fait 1 an et demi que j’y suis et je commence doucement à en découvrir ses secrets…et par rapport à mon blog, vu l’image très négative d’Athènes en général, je préfère montrer cette face-là d’Athènes, celle que je vis au quotidien finalement 🙂 A bientôt !

  4. Super idée et cela donne vraiment envie de découvrir ces ça donne faim! J’adore le décor du New Hotel. Une petite question : j’ai acheté sur un marché bio du thé grec appelé thé des montagnes (sideritis), qui ressemble à une infusion. Ca te dit qqchose? C’est vraiment typique? Merci pour ta réponse!

  5. Veronique Saflix

    Hummmmm !

  6. Pas de visite d’Athènes prévue pour le moment mais au cas où je garde les adresses !

  7. Oh génial cet article, je l’ai mis dans mes favoris “voyage”. Merci pour cette fine sélection ^^

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