Festive Mykonos !

I had not been very active on my blog for a few days and you’ll quickly find out why 🙂


Direction Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Seen from France, Mykonos enjoys (or suffers?) from a sulfurous reputation … and to be honest, given the number of Greek islands to visit, it was not one of our priorities. But since our arrival in Athens, our friend (s) Greek advised us to discover it.


Mykonos Ville – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

We have done well to listen to them for several reasons :

  • Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands
  • The beaches are beautiful and some are still preserved in their natural setting,
  • There are great restaurants both traditional and international,
  • The atmosphere is festive, but certainly we can also find peace, (some of our friends are also with kids and family).

In fact, the main point is to choose the good time to go. The month of June is in my opinion the perfect time to discover this island at 6:00 ferry from Piraeus. This is indeed the beginning of the summer season, so the hotels, restaurants, beach places are just installed and there are enough people to be nice, but not too much.

Here are some pictures and the places we loved :

Mykonos and its windmills


Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Little Venice in Mykonos

This is the most popular place to watch the sunset. There are small bars at the edge of the water, you can enjoy a cocktail while admiring the view.


Mykonos – Little Venice – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Mykonos – Little Venice – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Sunset on Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Bars and restaurants in Mykonos

You’ll be spoiled for choice. They usually have a very neat decor and the food is good but they are also relatively expensive. You can still find some typical taverns. Here is my selection with some places we loved during our stay.

Mykonos scarpa Bar

Scarpa Bar

Mykonos Astra Bar

Astra Bar

Mykonos - Mamalouka resto 2

Mamalouka – Bar restaurant – Greek and International Cuisine

Mykonos Interni resto

Interni – Bar restaurant – International Cuisine


To Maereio, Traditional Greek Cuisine

Mykonos beaches

You describe the beaches would be useless, they are beautiful and the pictures speak for themselves. However, it is important to know that a car (or a scooter) are required for access. The beaches are chosen according to what you want. So here are some tips to help you in your selection.

Agios Sostis is a beautiful beach in a natural environment but without any particular arrangement, only the sea and the warm sand.


Agios Sostis – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

The color of water of Paraga Beach is a beautiful turquoise. This range is divided into two parts insulated from one another. One is fitted (with umbrella and paying all chairs) with music and the other one that I preferred, is simply furnished and has an excellent traditional restaurant, the “Taverna Nicolas”. There are also 10 studios for rent on the beach Agia Anna Studios : http://www.agia-anna-studios.gr/index.htm


Paraga Beach – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Paraga Beach – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Mykonos Taverna Nicolas 2

Taverna Nicolas – Paraga Beach

Finally, we loved Panormos Beach, the left side is furnished with cushions, mattresses and parasols (free) conditionally to eat in the bar / restaurant, Panormos beach bar, very good and nicely decorated.


Panormos Beach – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

Mykonos Panormos beach bar 2

Panormos Beach Bar

However, I do not recommend Paradise Beach (unless you are 18 years old max and you like to listen to techno music … again and again …)

In Mykonos, you can also discover beautiful houses, nice shops and art galleries.


The Big White Gallery- photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Boutique Nikos Koulis – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Boutique Nikos Koulis – photo@carnetdedamecatherine










Boutique Louis Vuitton – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine


Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

If you are looking for complete serenity, you can also find beautiful homes in the land. It is generally well insulated and accessible by small roads.


Mykonos – photo@carnetdedamecatherine

For a cultural visit, je vous conseille Delos Island, UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is still the island where Apollo was born! It is a well preserved archaeological site, where you can admire including the Temple of Apollo and the beautiful terrace of lions (guarding the island).

Mykonos Delos Lion

Delos – Lions

To sum up,

Mykonos Keep calm



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11 responses to “Festive Mykonos !

  1. C’est un endroit ou je suis allée il y a bien longtemps et à voir tes photos j’ai très envie d’y retourner !!!
    Sais tu si en avril il y fait chaud ?

    • Hello Blacksapes ! Je ne pense pas qu’avril soit une bonne période car il y a en général pas mal de vent à Mykonos et surtout je pense que c’est risqué en termes de temps. De plus, ce sera impossible de se baigner. Je pense que mi-mai est un minimum ou sinon septembre. Bises

  2. Mon dieu les photos sont magnifiques, ça donne tellement envie d’y aller! Bisous x

  3. Veronique Saflix

    Superbes photos et très belle description qui donne envie d’y aller.

  4. Je pense qu’il faut découvrir Mykonos en dehors des mois d’été. Merci beaucoup pour ce tour des îles grecques, c’est vraiment très sympa !!

    • Merci beaucoup Anne ! Oui tu as raison et nous sommes totalement d’accord, c’est pour cela que j’évoque surtout le mois de juin mais à mon avis mai/septembre/octobre sont très sympas aussi car c’est tout de même plus agréable d’avoir beau temps pour pouvoir profiter des plages et se baigner. Bisous

  5. Tes photos sont magnifiques !!! Je m’imagine bien allongée sur un gros matelas sur la plage avant de plonger dans l’eau …! (Snif je déprime du coup …^^). Il est vrai que cette île ne dispose pas d’une publicité très avantageuse ensemble mais lorsque qu’on lit ton article, on rêve d’y aller !

    • Merci à toi !! C’est mon mari qui fait les photos et il est plutôt doué 🙂 Concernant Mykonos, je pense que cette publicité est justifiée pendant les mois d’été, mais hors saison, on peut davantage profiter de la beauté de l’île et je crois aussi qu’il faut bien choisir ses endroits. En tous cas c’est une belle découverte pour moi aussi 🙂

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