Underground atmosphere in Athens !

I recently discovered a new cafe / bar in the heart of Athens, in the district of Monastiraki, the “Boiler“. Of course I had really wanted to share with you this new address.

The concept of Boiler ? Get a little taste of Berlin’s underground close to the Acropolis!

Boiler bar logoLocated in a neoclassical building, this bar with industrial design offers cocktails and alternative music.

Boiler Bar

Boiler Bar – Athens

Boiler Bar verres

Boiler Bar – Photo Athens daily secret

Boiler lustre

Boiler Bar – Athens

To give you an overview of programming, some examples of the posters they publish and that will put you in the mood :

Boiler Affiche

Boiler affiche 2

Boiler affiche 3










A glimpse into musical programming Boiler scheduled for 30 May with an extract from “Jonquil Infinity” by Spir Frelini :

Boiler Affiche 4

If you are not night owl, you can still enjoy a coffee in the afternoon, always in music, of course …

Boiler caffé

And note also, 1st floor, alternative art and live performance await you …

Adress : Vlachava, 9 – Athens


 Tempting, isn’t it ?

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